Christine's First Surgery

Post Operation - Day 3

Christine had a bad night as she was taken off one of her pain meds, Tramadol. She was in quite a lot of pain, particularly in the jaw area. Her leg was OK though. She struggles with the production of saliva, but now has a suction tube to take care of this. The swelling on her jaw has come back again, but we were warned that this would happen.
Dr. Pytynia’s resident physician visited and checked Christine over. He was very pleased with her progress and said she was doing really well considering the surgery was only two days ago.

The Doppler monitor sounds really good, and confirms that the blood flow in her jaw is working. Thankfully he put her back on the pain meds, which she will be given every six hours. He checked to see if Christine could breathe without the trach, but the swelling in her mouth was still too bad for this to happen.

Dr. Garvey’s fellow came and checked Christine over. Very nice chappie and an excellent bedside manner! Again, very pleased with progress, and wants her to start walking around the ward to help the healing process and to prevent blood clots, etc. He expects to remove one of the drains tomorrow, and take her boot off on Wednesday.
Later, Christine walked all around the nurses' station, I am so proud of her progress!

Up until now Christine has been fed constantly via a feeding tube. Today she will be fed with at normal times, still via a feeding tube. This means she will have one less wire plugged in for most of the day, which will be quite a relief.
Our duty registered nurse gave us a demonstration on how to change the feeding tube. The Doppler wire is also detached until it is needed.

We will have to watch a bunch of training classes in preparation for going home (not any time soon). These are videos showing how to change the drains, the use of the tube feed, and a tracheostomy video. There is an on-site tracheostomy class tomorrow which I will attend.

Christine is still not well enough for visitors at the moment.