Christine's First Surgery

Emergency Room

Christine and I had a hectic weekend. Saturday was spent rearranging the furniture so that Christine could have a better view of the garden. I have to say it was worth the effort! We still struggled with the feeding tube but managed to have her consume her daily allowance. She is now sleeping very well now that she doesn't have to suction anymore. Big shout out to our nurse Yanet for providing the tip to help Christine swallow.

On Sunday, we found it impossible to push anything down the feeding tube, so we gave up and went downtown to the emergency room to see if we could get it sorted out. They also tried and failed, even forcing Sprite down the tube. It is a bit of a myth, but the acidity and carbonation of Coke and Sprite are thought to ease a blockage. It partially worked. Dr. Wechsler ordered an X-Ray, which was quite illuminating! As you can see from her handwritten drawing, the tube within Christine's stomach had somehow bent over. No wonder we were having difficulties! Dr. Wechsler managed to ease the tube up by about an inch, and, touch wood, we haven't had any real problems since.

Over the weekend, and this morning, Christine's Aunty Jean was visiting Christine's Mum in Athelstan House in the UK. Rob kindly set up a FaceTime session so that the three of them could chinwag for a while. A good time was had by all.

In the afternoon, we went to MD Anderson in Katy for the post-op review with Dr. Pytynia. The dietician, also popped in to ensure that the feeding tube was working properly again. We reviewed the pathology report of the removed jawbone, gum, and lymph nodes. As I reported earlier had no evidence of cancer spreading - it was still good to hear it again though! We will have to wait for Dr. Chun, the radiologist, to decide whether Christine will have to have any radiation treatment. Dr. Pytynia examined Christine's mouth and the swelling and was satisfied that everything was progressing as expected. Whilst discussing with Christine, she shut off her air supply through the trach, and much to Christine's surprise, she could breathe through her nose and mouth. We will now be starting the cap test with the goal of having the trach closed off for 24 hours. Once this happens, the trach tube can be removed. Tomorrow's barium swallow test was also discussed, and if Christine's passes, the feeding tube will be removed. This means that she will be able to start eating soup and mushy food. That bacon butty will have to wait just a little longer!
Andy rearranged the living room so that Christine could see out better. Nice!
Lovely flowers from Les. Allan and Michelle dropped off some goodies for Christine, plus a meat pie for me Happy
Emergency Room registered nurse in attendance. Dr. Wechler's graphic of the tube problem.
FaceTime with Mum and Aunty Jean. Phoebe, Ben and Rob in attendance.
Dr. Pytynia checking Christine over, and proving to her that she could breathe without the trach!