Christine's First Surgery

Surgery Day

Andy and Christine departed for MD Anderson at 4:15am for a 5:15 check in. Hardly any traffic, so we were there in plenty of time!
Christine went down for her surgery at 7:05. At the 10:30 call, was informed that surgery actually started at 8:30 and her vitals have been stable. Dr Pytynia is working on the jaw area, and Dr Garvey is working on her leg. I wonder if we get a two for the price of one…
Next update at 12:30, when we anticipate that Dr Pytynia will be finished with her bit.

12:30 report. Vitals still good. Dr. Pytynia and Dr Garvey still hacking away. They have been joined by Dr. Hofstede, who is a dental surgeon. The next update will be at 2:30 (tooth hurty … haha)

14:30 report. Vitals still good. Dr. Pytynia and Dr. Hofstede have finished their tasks. Dr Garvey is now reconstructing the jaw and joining all the veins and blood vessels. Hopefully, everything will be completed by about 16:30. I will be heading back down to the hospital shortly, so this will be my last blog entry until I return, later this evening. I will be updating Facebook, of course!

Final report. Christine finally came up from recovery at 21:10, and I got to see her at 22:00. The surgical procedures were apparently successful, however there will be a very long healing process. She is on a cocktail of pain medications, with periodic doses of morphine. When I finally got to see her, she was pretty beat up and tired, attached to all sorts of tubes. She is unable to speak at the moment, which adds to the frustration. I will visit her again in the morning and perhaps give a better update then. I know that some of you will want to visit, but I cannot see that happening for a few days, if at all.