Christine's First Surgery

Welcome Visitors

Christine has had a quiet week really, bolstered by visits from Heather, Sue, Sinead, Lisa, Jayne, Doris, and Linda. We are overwhelmed by all of the support. It is hard to believe that Christine spent 10+ hours in surgery just 6 weeks ago. In terms of the recovery, Christine's infection has now healed, and her trach hole is now covered with just a band aid. We still have at least six weeks before the swelling in her mouth goes down, and then she can think about having new tooth implants. She is still on a very liquid diet, but this is a small price to pay. I cannot be more proud of how she is coping with this adversity. Our door is open if you would like to visit, and now Christine is driving again, she is more than happy to get out of the house to experience some new surroundings. Since there are no more doctor's appointments until the end of the month, I will report back then!