Christine's First Surgery

Infection Setback

Christine had a bit of a set back on Sunday. Out of the blue, her neck just above her trach swelled up, went very red, and started to leak. We think that whilst she was sleeping the trach cap rubbed on her wound and irritated it. We were visiting Dr. Pytynia on Monday afternoon to remove the trach as Christine had managed two nights with it capped off. Unfortunately, once she saw her neck she ordered another CT scan and told us to go home and prepare to go to the emergency room, just in case. We went back later for the results, and the diagnosis was that there was a small infection. The wound was packed to soak up the leakage, and Christine was given a course of antibiotics. At least no emergency room was needed! The downside was that the trach tube has to remain in until the infection has healed. Today we visited Dr. Garvey downtown, and he had a good poke around. He felt it was a small infection and with continual packing and antibiotics it should go away in a week or so. The only trouble is that nurse Andy has to get in there and get the packing into the wound. I have received training, in that I videoed Dr. Garvey doing it... Despite this we are in good spirits (mainly whisky for me) and are muddling along quite nicely.
Dr.Pytynia and her sidekick Monica, checking Christine's infection