Christine's First Surgery

Good Progress

It's two months since our last update and it's my turn to write this one (Christine). Progress has been good and I can now eat with a fork, and eat anything that can be cut into bite sized pieces. The swelling in my face has been addressed and my stiff neck now has just about full range of motion. I’m having physio on my leg to try to strengthen the muscles and make walking easier but I still get tired very quickly, although my stamina is getting better week by week. I just have to pace myself and not get too tired.

Last week I saw Dr. Garvey, the plastic surgeon and he was very pleased with progress and thought it was time to touch base with dental in preparation for getting teeth fitted. I now have a date for oral surgery to expose the implants and begin the dental work. I’ll have a prosthetic, with 5 teeth, which will clip onto the implant abutments. Surgery date is 27
th November – the day before Thanksgiving, so no dinner for me this year. However, that means I may have a full compliment of teeth by the end of the year. As. You can see above, we got to see X-rays of my jaw and all the hardware in there! I had no idea!! It seems the implants were put into the bone before it was cut from my leg – all done using a 3D computer model to get it all in the right place!

On Tuesday I had a routine CT scan and today we saw my team leader (Dr. Pytynia) for the results. Not completely out of the woods yet. There was an anomaly on the scan but she thinks it may just be scar tissue from the infection I had in my chin. I’ll have an ultrasound scan next Wednesday to make sure, so another small hiccup but not worrying until we know for sure that it’s worth worrying over.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who have stood by us and supported us through the last 4 months (is that all it’s been??!) Thanks for your cards, emails and good wishes. Distance hasn’t made a difference to that support. I’ve had messages every single day from some (you know who you are) and they have been an absolute boost during the bad days. And here on the ground I’ve had super support from friends bringing us dinners, books, and things to do. Others have just been to chat and that too has made the days seem shorter. Then there were those who delayed their vacation until we were back on our feet, and those who traveled thousands of miles to spend time with us. These are the family we choose and we have chosen so well! We can never thank you enough. You have all been so instrumental in my rapid recovery and although there’s still a way to go, I know we can count on you all some more!

There will be a small update next week with the scan results. Fingers crossed that it’ll be nothing to upset our plans to travel to UK in a couple of weeks.

Dr. Wan inspecting Christine's surgery, and her purple hair!
Christine volunteered to be part of the pain threshold research study
Christine with Andy's former colleague, Katie
Celebrating Christine's birthday

Andy's sister, Joanne, visited from England for a week
Family BBQ
Nick and Mary Dray came around for supper

Went to a concert with Nick and Christine

Connie popped in during her brief visit to Houston