Christine's First Surgery

16 Days After Surgery

Christine,16 days after her surgery!

Overall, all is well, and we have endured one or two bumps in the road, which I guess should be expected. We went to the doctors on Thursday and they decided to keep Christine's drain in until the discharge lessened. They thought there may have been an infection, so they gave her some antibiotics to take. This seems to have done the trick, with the discharge now being minimal. Aside from this, the main issue is the production of saliva, and mucus builds up in her throat. This causes her to have coughing fits, and to be up quite often in the night. Consequently, this tires Christine out all day. She had a much better day yesterday and today and has slept reasonably well since. She still gets pain from her jaw as the meds wear down. For now, we have a good back-up supply to keep the pain at bay.

During the week, we have a nurse visiting daily, and a physical therapist a couple of times a week, which has been good, mainly from the peace of mind that her vitals are OK. We also had an occupational therapist visit to ensure that Christine is safely going about her daily routine, and provide her goals to aim for as her health improves. These included driving, cooking, swimming, and, of course, sewing.

Next week, we are visiting the doctors again, and I suspect that they may take the drainage tube out providing that the improvement continues. We can’t get the trach tube out until we have done some tests to ensure that she can breathe normally for 24 hours. Hopefully, we can start this soon.

Christine is becoming more and more mobile, walking around the inside of the house four or five times a day. She is able to have a bath and a shower, which gives her great pleasure.

We have had some interesting experiences with her feeding tube, The antibiotics seem to block the feeding tube, so there was an incident when the safety valve blew, with all of the medicine spurting onto the wall and everything in between. The problem was that the color of the medicine was deep red, so looks like blood spatter. Seems some decorating is in my future!

Thanks to Allan and Michelle for the Get Well wishes, and to Clare Smith for the hand-made glass art card.
George the physiotherapist, working his magic
The new awning provides some welcome shade in the hot summer Texan afternoons. Thanks ton John for helping put it up. Hopefully Christine will be well enough to take advantage of it soon.