Christine's First Surgery

Post Operation - Day 6

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the events of the day, I have great pleasure to report that Christine's lab analysis of the tumor and lymph nodes came back clear, and the cancer has not spread anywhere else!

The day didn't start very will with doctors showing up at 5:45, waking Christine up to change her tracheostomy tube to a smaller size. This made no sense to us, as Christine was perfectly comfortable with the size she had. Seemingly, it is a way for them to determine whether the trach tube can come out permanently. We have learnt later that this wasn't really necessary. It just managed to annoy Christine unnecessarily, and cause her face to swell up again. Seems this doctor is not capable of listening to her patients needs and pain levels. Christine is looking forward to filling out the survey.

The day perked up when the plastics doctor arrived and promptly removed the boot and two if the drainage bottles. This has given Christine a lot more freedom, and the knowledge that she will not need a skin graft at a later stage. One less surgery to worry about!

It is quite a neat scar! This looks way better than we thought. Before the surgery it was thought that there would be a large hole in her leg, filled up with something called Integra. Fortunately, Christine's skin was too thin for their initial plan, so they had to revert to a Plan B.
This is the occupational therapist, who went through the details of Christine's departure on Saturday. Now Christine can speak eloquently, she was able to give feedback as to the care and attention. As you know this ranges from absolutely fantastic, too very poor. All was taken on board… We also had visits from the speech therapist, and the dietician. Both have over 30 years experience, and provided some very valuable information. All visitors seemed to be obsessed with bowel movements. I bet they have a sweepstake going…
Nurse Andy administering Christine's Pina Colada. He also drained the waste bottle, and cleaned the tracheotomy tubes. I'm ready!
Christine, bootless, and without two of the drainage bottles. She managed two laps of the nurses station with ease! She has now been given a walker with wheels…
I moved the living furniture around, with some help from John. It is designed so that no-one can accidentally bump into Christine.

Although Christine will be at home on Saturday, I am not allowing any visitors for at least five days. This will give us some time to adjust to our new living regime, give Christine time to chill, rest and sleep as she needs. Once we are happy that Christine is strong enough for visitors I will post a schedule for visiting.

Since Christine still has the tracheostomy tube, open wounds, and her immune system weakened, she will very vulnerable to germs. If you have even the slightest sniffle, please do not come. Any visitor will have to thoroughly wash their hands, and wipe using antiseptic gel (thanks Lucille for this advice). I know that you all want to visit, but I hope that y'all understand my decision.