Christine's First Surgery

A Restful Day

Christine had a restful day today, still suffering from a sore throat and excess saliva. We managed to speak with the clinic and they recommended that we went full on with the pain meds again, which are mainly narcotics. Our nurse, Yanet came later and gave us a tip that if you have a sore throat and can’t swallow, stick your fingers in your ears as you swallow and it doesn’t hurt as much! It worked and Christine had a noticeably more comfortable evening. It'll make Christine a zombie, but we will also continue with the pain meds as well.

Another bit of good news was that I went to have my knee checked out by my surgeon, and although I have to have some physical therapy, I am allowed to swing a club again. Not sure when this will be, as Christine is my priority at the moment. I have set up a hitting net and chipping green (pool) in the yard, so that should at least keep my hand in!

The swallowing technique proposed by our nurse, Yanet.
This should keep Christine occupied. Thanks Doris!
Beautiful flowers arrived from Jane