Christine's First Surgery

Trach Out!

Yesterday, Christine and I visited Dr Garvey and he reported that the infection and swelling in her mouth were healing well and in his opinion, the tracheostomy tube could be removed. After a call to Dr. Pytynia's team, a hastily arranged appointment was made for this afternoon. Sure enough, after some consultation, Christine had her tracheostomy tube removed. The remaining hole seemed to be about the size of a quarter, but with some glue and steri-strips was easily patched up. Christine still has to be careful when coughing and talking, taking care to cover the hole, as it can easily burst. The hole should mend in a few days, and in a week or so, be unnoticeable. This is a big relief and a huge step towards her recovery. In other news, Christine took a drive around the block for the first time in five weeks.
The culprit

The marvelous team at MD Anderson, Katy

Taking her car for a spin

Lovely Sunday lunch at Colin and Sue's