Christine's First Surgery

Post Operation - Day 2

Christine had a good night, and is still progressing well, although still communicating via the white board. I think that the swelling on her mouth has gone down quite a lot since yesterday, so that is encouraging. She keeps on top of the pain meds, which makes her feel as comfortable as possible. All of the wires, although quite necessary, are a bit of a nuisance. She was able to watch Lewis win the Monaco Grand Prix, however the excitement proved exhausting, so she had a good sleep after that!
With assistance, Christine can now get up and shuffle around with the IV stand as her constant companion. The nursing staff are fantastic and provide the best possible care and attention.
Some pain meds being administered by the registered nurse.
The occupational therapist did some shoulder exercises with Christine. Tomorrow she will be expected to do a lot more, perhaps some walking!
We are grateful for the cards, and all the words of encouragement, however she is still not ready for visitors just yet, although this little monkey sneaked in whilst nobody was looking.