Christine's First Surgery

Katy MDA Visit

Christine and I visited the new MD Anderson facility between Eldridge and Highway 8. It is pretty impressive! We had two appointments, one with Dr, Patel, one of the top dogs of the oncology department, and Christie Siebel the nutritionist.

Dr, Patel, who is a really nice guy, gave us some excellent news in that he felt it was unlikely that Christine would need radiation therapy or chemotherapy. He confirmed that the cancerous lesion was limited to the gum and had not spread to the jaw bone or the lymph nodes. The final decision will be with Dr. Pytynia on Monday, but obviously, we are absolutely delighted with this news.

We have been having a lot of trouble getting the "food" into her feeding tube. There seems to be a blockage somewhere between the nose and the stomach. We have been pumping, what seems like gallons of water through the tube to clear it. Obviously, this is not ideal. After some brainstorming and experimentation, it was decided that the best way to get the food into her system was to siphon directly into the tube, rather than use the drop feeder. So far this has worked really well. It is also a lot easier to administer, and provided we are careful with quantities it is a safe way to administer her food.
Enrique, the occupational therapist, put Christine through her paces.
Yanet, our wonderful nurse, ensuring Christine is recovering as well as can be expected.