Christine's First Surgery

Drainage Tube Removal

Christine had an exhausting day today and is cream crackered. We were up at 6am to get to the imaging hospital on Highway 6, to have a CT scan on her mouth. Unfortunately, this had to be postponed until another time as she was unable to lay on her back and stay still for enough time for appropriate images to be taken. Later in the morning, we headed downtown to meet with Dr. Dhanani, Dr. Garvey's associate. He was very pleased with her progress and to our relief, removed the last drainage tube. He has now arranged for a barium swallow test in a week or so to see whether enough swelling has gone down for Christine to move to the next stage in her recovery. We were also able to get some new pain medication prescriptions. By the time these were ready, we didn't get home until early afternoon. After a short rest, Jorge the physical therapist showed up and put Christine through her paces. He is quite hard on her, but at the same time quite convincing. Christine is now down to her last two fashion accessories, the trach tube, and the feeding tube. Now we have finished the antibiotics the feeding tube is behaving properly. The trach tube though is still causing a lot of discomfort in her throat, especially when Christine speaks a lot. We have started a course of decongestant medicine, which will hopefully improve things over the coming days. We will see Dr. Pytynia on Monday 17th, so my next report will be after this.
Drainage tube removal!!

Christine having her first social walk outside!