Christine's First Surgery

Post Operation - Day 5

You Facebook junkies will know that Christine had a bad afternoon and evening. This was caused by one junior nurse, who needed to take the trach class that Christine and I did, and the patient care partner, who failed to take Christine’s vitals, failed to get the registered nurse when requested, failed to help Christine to get to the bathroom and failed to requested pain medication. All this caused an immense amount of stress, raising Christine blood pressure sky high, and caused her to cough severely, which caused her swelling to get much worse.

This morning though, there was a great team of nurses, the registered nurse, and the patient care partner, and some others who have been excellent today. The doctors came early today and changed the tracheotomy tube to a smaller more mobile one. The early report is that it is very much better than the one that Christine had before, and she is in much less discomfort. They are still talking of her coming home on Friday, but we will put our foot down on that idea.
This is the registered nurse applying the pain meds. She even had me administer the feeding tube later!!

Here is Christine, showing the photo sent by Agatha Hollanders of her Happy Place, with a turtle popping up to say Hi!
Christine was further buoyed by a FaceTime call from Robert, Nicola and the grandkids!
The biggest highlight for the day was when the speech therapist, fitted a Passy-Muir valve on Christine's trach tube. After a few tongue and breathing exercises, Christine took a big breath and spoke. As the day went on, her speech improved continually. Looks like the nurses had better be on best behavior, and I will certainly have to wear my earwigs tomorrow!

Another piece of good news was that Christine was able to wear her own clothes again, which must be wonderful.

Here is Christine on her rounds. If you zoom in closely, you can see the purple speech valve. So small, but so effective!