Christine's First Surgery

Post Operation - Day 7

Christine had a good day today, despite being woken up quite often to be checked up. To be fair, aside from just one or two exceptions, the care that Christine has been provided has been excellent. The registered nurses and support staff have all been absolutely fabulous. It is hard to believe that it is only one week since some pretty serious surgery, and that Christine is coming home tomorrow.

With the help of the occupational therapist, Christine was able to shower. She felt so much better after this. Throughout the day, all of the home supplies were delivered, so there are no excuses for the level of care to drop…
Here is one of the registered nurses administering Christine's pain medication
Here is the occupational therapist preparing Christine for a shower.
This is the speech therapist teaching Christine how to adjust the valve to speak Texan.
This is the physical therapist, trying to prevent Christine hitting the turbo button