Christine's First Surgery

Post Operation - Day 4

Christine had decent night, although had a dry and sore throat from the tracheostomy suction tube being administered heavy-handedly by a couple of the nurses. It seems different nurses have different methods. This is the worst bit for Christine, and we won’t be sorry when the tracheotomy tube has been removed. Although the swelling seemed less than yesterday, the coughing caused by the tube, makes it worse than perhaps it should be.
This is the registered nurse administering pain killers. She does it properly….

The good news is that Christine is able to wiggle her big toe, which is good because it was thought that the nerve that controls this function would have been cut during surgery. She feels numbness in her jaw which is a good thing and was predicted. She is fed four times a day via the feeding tube. Christine did another lap around the nurses' station, walked to the conference room, and sat in her chair and did her exercises. She is now quite exhausted!

Dr. Pytynia’s team of doctors visited and checked Christine over. They are still very pleased with her progress. She may be put on a smaller tracheostomy tube tomorrow.
Dr. Garvey’s Fellow came and checked Christine over. Again, very pleased with the progress. He still expects to remove one of the drains soon and take her boot off on Wednesday. Here he is wondering why there was nothing new on Christine's whiteboard!
Nurse giving her tracheostomy class. She also does it properly too…

We are also in the process of watching a bunch of training classes in preparation for when we eventually go home. These are videos showing how to change the drains, the use of the tube feed, and a tracheostomy video.

Christine is still not well enough for visitors at the moment.